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Visit Sri Lanka

A beautiful island just above the equator with ancient ruins, tropical beaches, beautiful rain-forests and astonishing waterfalls. It is hard to imagine a beautiful , tropical paradise hidden out in the ocean, yet it does exist. Sri Lanka , the pearl of Indian ocean.

Wild Life in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a paradise of wild life, one of the smallest islands with largest bio diversity. It is no wonder that 12% of the country is dedicated to wild life. The island is home for the largest marine and land mammal living up on earth the elephant and the whale. Sri Lanka is also home for many rare species of amphibians, insects and reptiles that are endemic. It is rare and significant that one could see so much within a country that is only 65,610 Km2.
Sports & Adventure in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a land like no other; the hidden treasures are endless in this island. Sports and Adventure attractions are so many, White water rafting, Kayaking,para Gliding, Surfing, Rock climbing , Deep sea water fishing and traditional sports such as cricketing , Golfing and Rugby are famous in Sri Lanka. Adventure sports and golfing can be arranged even for individuals, but cricketing and rugby we could only arrange for groups.
Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has a rich written history which dates back to 600 B.C, and by folklore we understand that the island had an older glorious past. Such a history has bestowed many heritage sites and cultural values to the modern Lanka. There are different eras that a historian can choose to linger on, from the prehistoric caves of Balangoda to the sites of Ramayana, ancient irrigation systems and colonial architecture.
Leisure Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, pearl of Indian Ocean, surrounded by the deep blue sea and the center of the island is covered by emerald peaks and golden valleys of paddy where one could tranquil and embrace life with its very essence. For the one who has spent slaved hours in a locked up office in a buzzing city, Sri Lanka is the island escape.